Welcome to Precision Auto Innovation located in Arcata, CA. My name is Kyle McKeown & I am the Owner and lead detailer. I would like to share a brief introduction of myself, what Precision Auto Innovation is, along with what you can expect from my team and our services. I currently reside in McKinleyville, CA with my wife Jamie McKeown. Detailing to me is more than a passion, it’s my life. By providing a service that generates joy, excitement, and the ability to re-spark the love my clients have for their vehicle is truly an honor. I am a family focused, driven, detail oriented, and outgoing individual. Precision Auto Innovation is founded on those same key principles. Established in 2018, Precision is a business that provides an array of services designed to capture a wide variety of clients’ needs. We use top quality products that are local & US made to bring out the best in your vehicle. Precision is a community focused business that is concentrated on providing clients with a clean, safe, and welcoming environment. Licensed and insured, you can trust that your vehicle, RV, or boat is protected with us. I am extremely excited to share this craft with you.

Meet Team Precision

Kyle McKeown
Kyle McKeownCEO & Lead Detailer
Jamie McKeown
Jamie McKeownAdministrator
Kyle Mickleson
Kyle MicklesonDetailer

My name is Kyle Mickelson and I’m 22 years old. I’m originally from Orange County, CA. My excitement for cars started when I was a young boy. It all began with the mere joy of problem solving to fix something that was broken which advanced to the thrill of being able to take an engine apart to see where I could amplify the performance.

Pushing a vehicle to its unlimited potential lead me to the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) where I graduated in 2019 with a degree in Mechanics. The experience and training I received accelerated my passion for vehicles. The devotion I have for surpassing a vehicles potential has lead the path to a dedicated career enhancing a clients vehicle while still being able to enjoy my favorite past time of pushing engines to the limit. 

Ryan Leahy
Ryan LeahyDetailer

My name is Ryan Leahy, I was raised here in Humboldt county. I’ve been interested in cars for as long as I can remember, especially sports cars. All starting with toy cars. After getting my first car I started searching for ways to make it look better, which sparked my interest in detailing. The ability to take a person’s vehicle and make it look new again brings me joy, while bringing them happiness as well. My main attraction to cars is being able to take them and change the way they sound, look, and perform, all while making it unique to my own preferences.