This is something we can go into great detail explaining, but we will try to simplify the basics of what paint correction is. Paint Correction is the process of leveling/removing swirl marks and scratches in the top layer of your paint’s finish.

Paint correction done properly involves a great deal of concentration, experience, and knowledge. We use a variety of different levels of the compound, polishing pads and machines to level/remove scratches and oxidation from the surface of the paint. We check the paint’s thickness to determine which is the best and least invasive process of bringing the color back to your paint. After our compounding has removed the defects, we begin the polishing and “jeweling” process to bring the highest luster and gloss to the paint’s finish.

Paint correction is a process that must be quoted on a vehicle by vehicle basis. The time involved to do a proper correction will vary depending on the cause of the paint defects and the results you desire. We will be more than happy to give you an estimate and discuss the process required to bring your vehicle back to your desired condition. Typically, this process takes a minimum of 4 hours and can take up to a week.

Ceramic Coating technology has been available for close to a decade now. Growing in popularity in the past 5 years or so due to the amazing benefits it provides. Some benefits include extreme gloss or shine, Hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties, very long-term paint protection (1-5+ years), resistance to etching from water or bird droppings, longer time between washes, and no more wax! Despite rumors, or other product claims, a true Ceramic Coating is not a “Wipe on, Wipe-Off” products. There are many factors that affect the application process. A professional installer is trained and has experience with these products in different application settings. If installed by an untrained individual, many things could go wrong and cause damage to your vehicle.

The clear coat on your vehicle now is a hardened clear coating designed to protect the colored layer of paint. Over time this clear layer can become damaged from many forms: Wash Marks, Bugs, Bird Droppings, Automatic Car Wash use, and much more. This results in unwanted marks that hinder clarity, obstructing the view to your colored paint layer. In order to remove these unwanted marks, we undergo a process called “Paint Correction” and it removes small amounts of your clear coat to get down to the level of the defect. You only have a certain amount of factory clear coat on your vehicle so in return can only be Polished so many times. This is where a Ceramic Coating comes in. When applied it ADDs a thick, hardened layer on top of your clear coat. This layer has a rated Hardness level higher than even your factory clear coat, therefore it is much more resilient to the scratches, etchings, and marring. The ceramic coating raises the surface tension, which gives it amazing hydrophobic capabilities (Repels liquids). This layer also acts as a sacrificial layer, meaning if it becomes damaged, it can be removed and leave more of your factory clean on your vehicle.

Brand new vehicles still need to be prepped properly before a ceramic coating is applied. Factory defects such as sanding marks, handler marring, and swirls from transport prep can be visible after inspection. New vehicles are transported on open car trailers, or on railroad cars. These vehicles travel hundreds or thousands of miles, through changing weather, road dirt, grime, rail dust, leaking cars above it, etc. In most case, dealerships will wash their cars on the lot using improper methods causing washing mars and light scratches. All of these things need to be corrected properly before installation of any ceramic products. Dealership applied “paint sealants” and “coatings” are NOT adequate long-term protection. They are sold based off the warranty only and your paint will suffer if you do not have it professionally detailed and cared for. Over the years we have fixed several vehicles that have been neglected due to clients trusting in the false promises of the dealerships “paint warranty.” Please contact us if you have further questions regarding this. We are here to educate our clients and give you the very best experience with your vehicles paint care.